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Lawrence Lindell, Penning Messages Of Love For Black Women

The relationship between black men and black women has been a bit tumultuous as of late – black women often feeling neglected and ignored by our melanated brothers.

I have said it time and time again and will continue to say it until it changes, black women are the most underappreciated group of people. Whether it’s through the media who paint us in a bad light or on social media where black men contribute to the hate we get by trolling us with hateful comments, it’s important to start teaching young black boys how to treat black girls.

Lawrence Lindell, a musician and artist from Southern, CA, is leading the conversation with his new book, From Black Boy With Love. His book, which is written through his first-hand experience, is teaching black boys how to treat black girls with respect.

A well seasoned author, with 26 books already written, Lawrence has plans to release more work all the while utilizing his art as therapy to push him through.

“My work is my therapy. I pray and meditate 3-6 times a day, exercise and I work on something I love every day. I am blessed with these gifts, so I use them daily. Also, I remind myself of what I have been through, what my people go through and how we still thrive even when the world isn’t set up for us to do so,” he said.

Check out our #ButtahChat with the author on the following page. You can purchase copies of From Black Boy With Love here.

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