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6 Essential Beauty Products To Glow Up This Summer

We are a little less than a month away from saying goodbye to Spring and hello to the golden sun and warm weather that Summer is sure to bring. Summer is usually the time of year when most people come alive and are popping out to enjoy the weather.

For most of us women, it’s very difficult to find a balance between the heat and having a beat face. Sometimes it means going without makeup. However, there are some people who love their makeup and would like to avoid abandoning it for the summer. There are also some people who love to rock a fresh face but would like to switch it up on occasion for this season.

Good news for everyone because there are ways to have flawless makeup without caking up your face with products.

These summer essential beauty products will have you feeling flawless and ready for some popping selfies.

First, the skin.

Image result for kiehl's ultra facial oil free gel cream                     Image result for Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer

First and foremost, the first thing you should start with before applying your makeup is a good base moisturizer. The way you take care of your skin is even more important than the products you use. You should always use an oil-free moisturizer that works best with your skin. Two good ones to get you started is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, $27, and Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer, $24.

Yes, I know they’re a little pricey but they do work wonders and I promise once you try them you won’t regret it.

Image result for e.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless Face Primer

The next step is applying a primer to your face which helps your makeup stay in place. A good primer, which is my go to, is the e.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless Face Primer. This primer isn’t heavy on your face and is only $6.

Replace Your Foundation with BB Creams

Image result for black radiance bb cream

This isn’t a necessity but it is probably something that you should opt to do this summer – unless you plan on using very little foundation in your makeup routine. You can replace your foundation with an oil-free BB cream which will leave you with a more natural look.

Black Radiance, a brand that caters to women of color, has BB Creams that give you weightless coverage and is very affordable at $5. Not to mention you can pick it up at your local Target or Walmart.

Image result for MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35, $30, has a creamy touch that helps retexturize your skin. Having SPF in it is also a major plus in helping protect you from potential sunburns.

Tinted Moisturizers Can Be Your Best Friend

Image result for Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer

Just how BB creams keep things light, so do tinted moisturizers. Your makeup won’t crease or cake when using a tinted moisturizer in place of your favorite foundation. Your best bet is to use this moisturizer with concealer and go about your day. The best tinted moisturizer on the block is Smashbox’s Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer, $30. This product contains vitamins C and E with an SPF of 15 to protect your skin.


Image result for Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Who doesn’t love a good highlight? A highlight can take your makeup from being dull by giving it that effortless illuminating glow every look needs. The best highlighter on the market is Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, $40, trust me. The kit has perfect smooth and creamy summer bronze colors that will give you a wonderful glow.

You can create an everyday soft, subtle highlight and transform it in the night time by layering it for a blinding hue.

The most important thing this summer is to keep things light with whatever products you decide to use. It’s not too late to grab these essential beauty products in time for your summer skin routine.

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