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Entrepreneurial Confession: I Am Not The 5A.M. Riser.

Today is the day I publicly apologize to myself. For nearly two years I have been chastising myself for not creating a routine that starts at 5a.m.

See, I’ve read endless interviews and articles for all genres and types of entrepreneurs, hustlepreneurs, freelancepreneurs, and all have one thing strongly in common: a morning routine that kicks into high gears when the sun is just thinking of peaking its head up.

So success, for me, is dreamt up in my head as being the moment where I wake up at 5a.m. WITHOUT an alarm clock assist, journal for 15 minutes BEFORE touching my phone, heading to the gym or doing some at-home workout routine, getting breakfast in order and jump starting the day with a positive outlook by 7:30/8a.m.

Dreamy right?

But, that just isn’t me. I have never been a morning person. My relationship with my pillow and covers is border line that of an obsession. I work late nights – hey there fellow bartenders – and in the chaos that is working multiple gigs while maintaining the focus on my business, getting up early just isn’t realistic simply because my body is like, nah.

Initially, I thought I wasn’t driven enough. Like, if I could get up moderately early to head to a job I despised, why can’t I push my own envelope to do the one thing I am passionate about?

What is my deal?
Why do I suck?
Why can’t I just get it together?

Simple. That routine that is so publicized and celebrated just ain’t for everybody. In truth, I’m measuring my own success to someone else’s chapter 37 without knowing their trial and error or how hard, perhaps, it may have been for them in the morning.

Success is not synonymous with another celebrated routine. Routines are effective, and figuring out one that works best for you is important. But don’t let the intake of too many self-help and how-to’s blur your vision. If you know you’re not necessarily an early riser, set a plan in motion that allows you to hit your bench mark every time.

My days are a little longer but I’ve learned how to maximize every minute. I’ve also learned when I need to work outside of my home office, when I need to co-work with a fellow entrepreneur, and when I definitely need to be 50 feet away from my MacBook.

There’s no such thing as overnight success. There’s no such entrepreneurial guidebook to follow. Do the work and figure out what your success is. It may just be a story of grinding in the night time and sleeping all day.

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