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Deniece C., A Survivor Leading Other Survivors To Slay

There’s something about Deniece C. that forces you to look at like through a lens of gratitude. It is not simply because she is a fighter and survivor of breast cancer, but because of her passionate resolve to be a light in other women and men’s lives.

Deniece C. took on her diagnosis as a challenge. A challenge to fight for her health. A challenge to see a positive. A challenge to use her creativity as a means to embark on yet another journey through fashion.

“It started off as me wanting to distract myself from going through chemotherapy, not working, and having nothing besides reading the bible a lot and things of that sort,” she explained. ” I needed something as a creative outlet.”

Despite the dark days, a strong support system and her faith allowed her to push through the hurdles and create a positive line of fashion – visually verbalizing a middle finger to cancer. Slay Cancer T-shirts, dad hats, buttons, and more, Deniece C.’s empowering line allows for men and women to wear their fight while looking badass at the same damn time.

“I actually wore one of my shirts when I came to my first chemo and someone who was going through chemotherapy in one of the rooms next to me was like, ‘I really love your shirt’ and that’s what kind of pushed me. I was like, I need to make this a bigger thing and kind of help whoever is going through it to kind of say ‘F Cancer,’ and we can look good, and feel good while we’re going through this process,” she said.

Listening to her body, adjusting back to a regular work schedule, and working on new ventures to expand her empowering line, Deniece C. is busy to say the least. Check out our conversation with the phenomenal woman on the following page and head to her site to cop you some merch.

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