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If Trap Is Included, I’ll Do It – TrapAerobics, Your New Fave Workout

Millennials throw trap in front of everything. Let it be brunch, a day party, or even karaoke – if there’s trap music we’re there.

Working out is no different. Aside from Soca Aerobics themed music classes, trap music has been getting it’s gym flow treatment as well. It’s one thing to have a dope trap playlist, it’s another to be led by two fire instructors like Fiona Harvey and Chavonne Hodges of GrillzandGranola for a truly sensational full body workout.

Conceived by Chavonne’s interest in combining fitness with a love for trap music, GrillzandGranola became official in June 2016.

“Inspired by her budding interest in fitness and love of trap music, Chavonne Hodges was influenced to merge these two passions by pursuing a group fitness certification with a specialization in aerobics instruction. A few dabs and squats later, she partnered with Fiona Harvey, MPH, and created the growing fitness sensation known as TrapAerobics,” according to the GrillzandGranola website.

Now, the two instructors lead diverse groups – yes, men get their TrapAerobics on – weekly for the culture.

I tried out TrapAerobics during their fitness blogger session on a Saturday (April 22) morning. Initially, I was nervous considering I haven’t done any “formal” workout in a couple of months. Ready to push through, the energy emanating from Chavonne, aka Young Chavo, and Fiona, aka Fi Stackz, is not only infectious but motivating.

Both women compliment each other, where one is calling out the next move the other is keeping us on count. If Chavonne is leading us, Fiona is challenging us to get lower in our walking punches.

Two days after a 45minute session with these ladies and my out-of-shape self is still feeling every single squat we did.

GrillzandGranola keeps the workout fun and entertaining. It isn’t just the Future and Drake lyrics pumping through the speakers, it’s the darkness of the room, flashing multi-color lights and, the personable nature of both Chavonne and Fiona that help you push through. The room is shrouded in a can-do attitude where every kick then dab feels like a win.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, what matters is that you are surrounded by people – friends, strangers, and instructors alike – who are all marching towards the same goal.

So if you’re ready to burn 500 calories in 45 minutes, yes 500 calories, then I suggest you head to their website and try out a class.  You’ll become TrapAerobics obsessed, I already am.

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