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StatureLife: Marcus Bolden – Driven

This interview originally appeared on StatureLife.com, head over to the site for the full chat with Marcus Bolden written by Tristan Lewis.

In the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), the number of men represented in the industry has never been questioned. However, if we look at the industry from the lens of minority men actively in STEM careers, therein lies a different narrative. Like women, black men with STEM-related jobs are drastically underrepresented. Whites Americans represent 71% of all STEM careers and Asians, 15%. African Americans represent only 6% percent of the industry today.

Despite the discouraging statistics, Florida Native Marcus Bolden defied those odds. In fact, Marcus defied almost every obstacle in his path to get where he is today.

The Stature brand has committed to highlighting African American men who uphold admirable qualities and live a life that is consistent with our mission; to change the narrative of what it means to be perceived as a black man in today’s society. Marcus lives and breathes what it means to be a man of stature.

At the core, he is a man grounded in faith, an athlete and an intellect. He’s passionate, driven and places a high value on the relationships around him. He is a man cut from the cloth of your word being bond!

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Who has been the most influential person?

Marcus Bolden: My mother. She’s one of the most caring people I know. She has so much good energy. She’s been there help me through my whole. I feel like I have much more to accomplish because I want to make sure shes good

What keeps you motivated ?

Marcus Bolden: I’m motivated by my relationships. Maria is the one person that I look to give it to me straight and doesn’t sugar coat anything. She’s changed me for the better. She has such a good vision.

What’s your favorite city ?

Marcus Bolden: My favorite city is Los Angeles. But I have three favorite cities. I would love to live in Chicago and DC. When I went to DC I fell in love with the blackness of the city. I connect with a lot of people from DC.

What’s your favorite item you own ?

Marcus Bolden: My favorite item is a  Nike therma sphere jacket. I won it at a Nike train LA event because I won a workout competition in Manhattan Beach, Ca. 

One word to describe you:

Marcus Bolden: Passionate

What does Stature mean to you? 

Marcus Bolden: Stature means confidence to me.


Read the full interview exclusively on StatureLife.com, BrooklynButtah’s partner site in generating dope content for melanated millennials. 


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