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Oh Shea Moisture, Not You Too.

You too Shea Moisture?

It seems to be a string of unfortunate events for brands rolling out new campaigns. As consumers we are literally tired. Particularly black women, who are in fact, super consumers. Yes, black women’s pockets are what brands should be setting their greedy eyes on.

Yet, they keep missing the mark.

For Shea Moisture to create such a flub of a campaign makes me question, have company hands changed? When black women ride for you, they ride for you. There is no question of loyalty.

Especially when it comes to hair. A black woman’s stylist is apart of the family and the products used are the nieces and nephews said stylist always has readily on hand. Richelieu Dennis, Shea Moisture’s founder and CEO, told CNNMoney that black women continue to be underrepresented in the sea of products available to them.

“Our job is to make sure that [black women] understand that we’re still here for them,” Dennis said.

So how is it possible in the creation of this ad that the big wigs in the swivel black chairs casually forgot about their loyal customer base who literally caped for the brand? While there is a beautiful brown model included in this ad, women of coarser hair – who have always been included in the Shea Moisture ads – feel terribly forgotten. Shea Moisture, black women were with you shooting in the gym.

Oh how quickly they forget.

It is upsetting to see a brand that you knew spoke directly to you amongst the sea of brands that hardly notice you suddenly change tack. Regardless of whether the ad was meant to show the connection amongst all women that no matter your skin tone we all have a love/hate relationship with our tresses, it felt more like a piece to say “this is not only a black woman’s hair product.”

“There are other consumers that are also wanting natural products, and we’re creating products for every hair type,” Dennis said.

We get it Dennis, you want it all. You can have it all, just don’t stomp on the people that we’re here with you first.

And it doesn’t have to solely be a black woman’s hair product. Please, get your money Shea Moisture, but be smart. Turning your backs on your loyal customer base that took to YouTube with your products in reviews and tutorials will hurt those purse strings.

Not every woman who utilizes your product will dump your leave-in conditioner or co-wash. But realize that even with your very swift apology – that does read as genuine – that while black women can forgive, we hardly forget.

Lets do better as a business, Shea Moisture, to never again neglect your core audience. You don’t have to fix what isn’t broken; you can instead add on to a strong foundation.

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