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Love Just Ain’t Right Without These 5 Celeb Couples

It seems like there’s something in the celebrity air with all these couples heading for divorce. The first celeb divorce to shake the table was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Then, we learned of T.I and Tiny splitting up their family hustle, and now Carmelo Anthony and La La.

These couples have been together for so long that it seems so surreal that they’re all splitting up. Not only are they splitting up, but they’re taking my faith in love with them.

How could I possible believe in love when couples I admired for years are all crashing and burning?

This leaves five married celebrity couples in which I completely idolize. If any one of these couples were to divorce, I would stop believing real love exists.

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Jay Z & Beyoncé

I don’t want to speak this into existence, but if Jayoncé were to ever get a divorce, I would be DEVASTATED. Honestly, I would just accept the fact that I’m probably going to die alone.

I know you’re probably judging me right now and I’m okay with that.

These two have been together for what feels like my whole life. They were my goals before it became popular to say it. I love everything about them – especially how private they are. You only know what they WANT you to know and that’s the way it should be. I admire that.

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Barack & Michelle Obama

Look at my black president and the best first lady we’ve ever had. They make love look so beautiful. From the way they interact with each other to the way he looks at her like she’s the only woman in the room.

When I look at them, I see everything I would want my future relationship to have – undying, unwavering, unconditional love. Granted, I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and no relationship is perfect, but they’re pretty damn close! They embody black love beautifully.

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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

I’m going to let you finish but Will and Jada are the greatest Hollywood couple of all time.

They have overcome so many rumors that probably would have torn any other couple apart. There have been so many Hollywood relationships we thought would last forever – Brad and Angelina – but these two have outlasted them all.

If Will and Jada were to ever split, we can be sure that the world is ending. We might as well vow to be single forever because all hope for couples would be lost. They’ve been married since 1997… that’s 19 years of marriage. They can’t possibly ever let that go, for my sake they cannot.

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Stephen & Ayesha Curry

This has got to be my favorite NBA couple of all time. I adore their little family so much to the point I might be a little obsessed.

For a lot of people, this couple recently became goals when we all fell in love with their baby girl Riley. What I love most about them is every time they post a picture together or of the other you can feel the love radiating from it. You can just sense that these two fall more in love every day.

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Papoose & Remy Ma

I love me some “hood love.” At first, I didn’t know that much about these two except they were married and Remy was in prison for years. But when they came on Love & Hip Hop, I instantly fell in love with them. I even shed a few tears when Papoose gave Remy her dream winter wonderland wedding – such a beautiful scene.

These two are goals because Papoose held her down for 6 years while she was in jail – it isn’t too often where we hear about the fellas holding down their lady while she handles a tough situation. Watching the episodes on a show that particularly makes relationships seem like everyone is in a love triangle with a stripper, you can just tell there’s no way he’s ever letting his queen go.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t want him to either. They’re a true New York love story.

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