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Get Off Social Media, Meet Someone In Person

Social media has been on the rise for quite a few years now. You can use it for networking, daily news, income opportunities, the list is pretty much endless.

But is it safe for dating? Not quite.

We live in a social media world where it’s so easy to build relationships with people online – whether that be romantic or friendly. But just because you talk to someone online every day, doesn’t mean you know them.

Recently, there has been an epidemic on Twitter where women are sharing awful stories about men flying them out. These men are allegedly flying women out, mistreating them and/or leaving them stranded.

This would never happen if you actually knew the person you were flying out to see. Social media makes that near to impossible. People put on a façade on social media to gain acceptance. Therefore, you never truly know who that person is if you don’t know them in real everyday life.

Social media is in the process of destroying dating which is why we desperately need to bring back some of these old school ways of meeting people.

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Through a Mutual Friend

The best and surest way of meeting someone is through friends. Most of the time, you’re not going to know every single person that one of your friend’s know. So, when you’re hanging out with a group of friends and they bring along someone you don’t know, don’t be shy. Engage in conversation with them. The chances of you having something in common are high because of the mutual friends you have. Not to mention, a lot of couples start off as friends first.

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A Blind Date

Friends love playing matchmaker. If your friends with someone, there’s a great chance that you trust their judgement. They also have your best interest at heart which is why they would never set you up with someone less than ideal. So, trust that your friends know you well enough to know what type of person you would click with.

Not only is it a good opportunity to get to know someone new, but it’s a chance to go out and have a good time.

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Talking to Strangers

Growing up we’ve been taught to not talk to people we don’t know – “stranger danger” – but talking to strangers can prove to be beneficial. You get to meet someone new that you might turn out to like. Some of the best conversations can happen with someone you don’t know – like in class, perched at restaurant, on line for the movies, take a chance.

I know it can sometimes be intimidating to communicate with new people, but that stranger could turn out to be the love of your life.

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Picking up a Hobby

By picking up a hobby, you get to meet people that you have similar interests with. Surrounding yourself with people with similar interests increases your chances of meeting someone you might like. There will also be no need to break the ice because you already share common ground.

The plus side is you’ll be taking part in something you’re genuinely interested in. So, even if you don’t meet someone you want to be romantic with, you won’t really have anything to lose.

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Happy Hour

During happy hour, you encounter various kinds of single people. They’re all around you. Granted, you might not want to meet someone in an alcohol fueled place, but you never know who you’ll click with. Therefore, the next time friends or a coworker invite you to happy hour, take them up on the offer. Your coworker might even have a cute friend you might be interested in.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

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