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A Gentlemen In Style On And Off The Field, Darion Weatherspoon

Since the release of the How to Be a Gentleman etiquette book by Enitan Bereola II five years ago, men have often battled with the ideal of being the ultimate gentlemen.What to say. How to say it. When to say it. How to behave. But many leave out one thing, what to wear; what is the “gentleman look?”

Darion Weatherspoon, a Clark Atlanta University student athlete, plans to help other men find their “gentleman look” on and off the field. His hands are good for intercepting passes and stitching loose hems.

The Las Vegas native plays the defensive back position for the Clark Atlanta University Panthers; learning culture and tradition from an HBCU perspective while juggling practice and his course studies in Fashion Design.

He was groomed to be a successful gentleman, made to speak with poise, walk with dignity and
to never embarrass himself. “Being a gentleman is not all about what you wear, it’s a lifestyle,” he explained.

His acquired love for fashion came in the seventh grade, styling his typical collar shirt uniform with sweater vests and bow ties. Fun fact: he has over 40 bowties. “As men, we are a dominant force and we have to look like such,” he notes.

He is self-restrained and full of excitement and knowledge, including all the makings of a true renaissance man at 21-years-old. He buys his clothing from Goodwill, Salvation Army, Lucky Exchange and any other unique thrift shop in Atlanta, adding his own alternation and accessories.

Weatherspoon knew early on that he wanted to be a suit manufacturer. He is currently working to enhance his knowledge of men’s tailoring to soon open his own custom men’s tailoring shop – providing every customer with a custom suit made by hand with some of the best material.

“We as a society, we have to understand fashion is cool, but the suit will never leave,” he said. “You will always have an appreciation and love for suits. The knowledge of how to dress like a gentleman is slowly fading away and I want to change that.”

Head to the following page to hear about Darion’s business, Style By Spoon, and what he has planned after graduating.

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