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Everyone Ain’t Tryin’ To Lose: Weight Gain Is A Real Thing Too

I’ve ran out of fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve seen weight loss infomercials come across my television. It seems like there’s weight loss advertisements surrounded all around us. But what about those people that want to gain weight? Where’s their infomercials?

All my life I have been skinny. There has not been a time where I weighed more than 105 pounds. My weight has sometimes made me feel self-conscious because I always had people telling me “you need to eat more.”

So, if there’s anyone who can relate to wanting to gain weight, it’s me.

According to Sharon Collison, a clinical nutritionist, when it comes to gaining weight the most important thing is focusing on nutrition. We should start with nutrition because it’s the most important factor in good health. Sharon suggests bumping up your calorie intake so you’re eating more than you’re burning. She notes that with gaining weight, going to the gym is imperative. If you don’t utilize the gym, you’ll just end up getting fat rather than getting toned.

“A person looking to gain weight should increase calories especially your protein intake. You should also go to the gym and increase your use of weights to build body mass,” Collison explained.

It’s simple math – more food, more often.

Don’t gorge yourself, but be prepared to eat and train hard. If you are looking for a diet plan that you really want to stick to, there are many out there that are simple, and not time consuming. You can find out more info here. One trainer, Stacey Brown, recommends you keep a training log where you record your meals, training program and weight from week to week. She recommends planning what you’re going to eat daily since you’ll need to eat often, “upwards of 6 meals per day.”

Meal prepping in advance might be the best way to plan you’re daily food intake.

Brown also explains how important nutrition is in this process. “Never allow your nutrition to falter, even for a few hours. Keep extra food, protein drinks and supplements at work, in your gym bag and in your car. We’re on a mission,” she said.

The foods a person looking to gain weight should consume are ones that contain protein as Collison explained. You’ll also need to up your intake of carbs. However, keep a balance of all of this with fruit and vegetables in your diet. Between meals, protein shakes are your best friend – especially with the addition of peanut butter and bananas which up your calorie count. Also, remember, lots of water.

When it comes to working out, add squats and deadlifts to it. “Don’t neglect your aerobic work. 20 minutes, 4 times a week will keep you from getting sluggish, increase you blood volume, raise your fat burning metabolism and maintain maximum endurance for training on the gym floor,” Brown said.

With all of this, you should be gaining weight in no time.

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