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Make That Tax Refund Stretch

By now, you should have filled out your tax return and you are either waiting patiently for your dollars or plotting on how to spend those dollars.

Ain’t nothin’ like seeing that money hit your bank account, it’s like Christmas in the spring, right?

Back in college, it made sense to use those few coins to pay for miscellaneous costs – spring break flights and hotels, more alcohol for the turn up, clothes becuase who doesn’t need more clothes, and depending on responsibility levels, put some towards the loans that are piling up.

But as you get older, you start to think, “hmm, I can put this towards my credit card debt” or “Dubai looks nice compared to this winter chill we’re dealing with.”

Tax refunds, Christmas feels and all, always feel like extra money to splurge. Depending on how many zeroes hit your account, you can very well corral a few gifts for yourself but be a completely responsible adult and spread your coins out to return a bigger investment.

Here are a few ways to flip your tax refund and get even more money back.

Invest In A Stock

If you have seen the Wolf of Wall Street, you are already pretty hip to the whole stocks world. Beware the pink sheet scammers and educate yourself on your options.

Start with one, follow it closely, and cash in when you feel the time is right.

Create A Cushion

This is true adulting in its finest garment. How boss would you feel if you took that tax refund check and put it into a savings account that accumulated more money over time?

It isn’t the sexiest option nor does it return funds quickly, but, there is nothing quite like having a rainy day fund set up to tap into during an emergency or to use to launch a new business. Possibilities are endless.

Invest In Yo’Self

The last thing you want to hear is go back to school, but, using your tax refunds to rack up on certificates to make you a more desirable candidate for potential clients or employers becomes more cash in pocket down the line.

Take that marketing course, purchase that camera, do something that will take you from level 1 to level 10.

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