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Entrepreneurial Defeat – Push Through Or Fold

There are days while being an entrepreneur – whether it is full time or side hustle – where you feel like you’re living alone on an island state.

Completely secluded from all of life’s joys, splendors, pearls of opportunity.

Entrepreneurship will push you to be uncomfortable and adapt to the discomfort; there is no easy entrepreneurial ride. Every day is a new challenge to rise to.

So it is expected that there is a level of anxiety, some depression, and anguish that accompanies the journey. Not to say that there aren’t amazing days, but in the early stages – and sometimes even for those that are established – flopping onto the bed with the curtains drawn tight is the only answer to the 1,000 questions assaulting their mental.

And that is ok.

We all need a mental day. Hammering a topic in search for an answer often produces no answer. Knowing when to take a step away, breathe, maybe take a walk or reconnect with friends, is a lot more useful compared to the idea that you are “wasting time.”

Time is relative. Remember that.

It’s in these moments, where the entrepreneurial journey feels like it is at a cross roads, where you have to make a choice. The choices are often difficult, obtuse, and seemingly impossible. Whether you are juggling two potential options or know exactly what it is you must do, keep in mind your why.

Why did you start?

A reminder of your why might hold the keys to ending the mental turmoil you are tossing around. So, here’s a few suggestions to help you push through your feelings of entrepreneurial defeat and loss.

Write Out Your Why

I am a firm believer of writing things into the universe so, take a second and rewrite your why. Acknowledge how you may have strayed away from your central purpose, or if you haven’t been working towards it at all. A simple written reminder might be all you need to push through the fog and get back into a positive headspace.

Acknowledge Accomplishments & Changed Feelings

We all have a bad habit of not patting ourselves on the back. It is ok to look at your start and acknowledge that you’ve come a long way or have successfully checked off one of your goals.

On the other hand, it is also important to acknowledge if your feelings for the business have changed. We don’t know how invested we are in something until we are actually doing it. Feelings change. Sometimes we go through particular situations in business that show us that perhaps this particular venture no longer makes sense but there is interest to evolve and pursue something different.

Follow your gut, it is often never wrong.

Seek Outside Validation

Sometimes we just need a good friend or mentor to swiftly kick us in the ass. Rather than feeling like you’re alone, contact your crew and get their opinions. It is important to remember that although this is your business, you have people behind you that want to see you successful and happy.

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