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The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: Close But No Cigar

Back in January of 2014 I was writing heavily for Single Black Male. It was during that period that I decided to begin a Valentine’s Day series of posts in the lead up to V-Day 2014.

I though it would be unique to provide folks with a retrospective of dates I had gone on and the backstory behind them. Maybe in the process folks would come up with some ideas for dates of their own. Initially this series was split in three parts. Last year, I added an entry to the series to tell a story of a Valentine’s Day date gone wrong.

That was written just to show that we all have us some whack V-Days as well. You can check out all the prior stories here.

I’ve been single for a good while now but I date on and off for sure.

I put a huge emphasis in recent years on dating with a purpose. That might be code for being selective, but I think you should be in regards to who you decide to invest emotions in.

A couple years back I met a young lady that I thought would be a game changer. I mean, well, she sure looked like one. I would describe her to you all myself but I don’t think it would be as entertaining as I’d like it to be.

Check out this clip and liken the young lady to the woman Eddie describes below.

As I like to say, she was built Ford tough. She was extremely pleasant and had the most laid back vibe about her. On our first date we had sushi and went to the movies. I was surprised at how organic everything had been flowing. The conversation, the attraction, it was all there.

Within a matter of months it became apparent that she would be the person I would be kicking it with for Valentine’s Day. It was also apparent that if things worked out long enough we’d end up together. It seemed like perfect mathematics to me anyway.

So with that being said it was time to start planning, it was time to make reservations.

Those who know me know that I’m big into cuisine and I’m always looking for the next new thing. I decided to make reservations at this restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Tabare. It was a spot that served Uruguayan food. I had never been and thought it would be dope to try out. Luckily that year V-Day fell on a weekend. I was well rested, had the fresh cut, and was ready to make moves.

I pull up to where the young lady was living and we headed out. For once she was on time which was appreciated. We had what were probably the greatest empanadas of all time! They were so good that we ended up getting some to go after we finished eating.

Tabare is a really intimate spot. The ambiance really gives the vibe that you’re dining at a restaurant in Uruguay. Candles were lit, conversation was dope, drinks went down easy. I couldn’t complain.

We went back to Canarsie where she lived.

We decided to continue the evening with the proverbial Netflix and Chill session. Before we got into the movie…..she had to get her gifts! She had a thing for mugs. She had a whole bunch of them in her cabinet. So I decided to pick up a discreet Valentine’s Day mug that was white with a few small hearts on it. Inside of the mug was some Burberry perfume which was to die for.

She dug it, I thought I did well.

We went on to watch Dear White People, a movie that had a crazy buzz at the time. I wasn’t necessarily blown away by the movie, but I couldn’t get over this vibe that we had. At the time, I had only known her for about a year, but whenever we were together it was as if we had been kicking it for years. As we cuddled on her sofa, I thought to myself “this really might be it.” If that moment wasn’t enough to convince me, all the dimly lit activities that followed certainly helped. She made the best bacon the next morning and I was sold.

By the morning after, I thought we had a pretty good V-Day.

You’re probably thinking where did things go afterwards? Things sort of fell off believe it or not. We didn’t have any real beef at all, but if you ask me, she just had some more growing to do.

She said that she wasn’t used to the treatment that she got from me. Furthermore, she felt I had a much clearer idea about what I wanted to get out of life.

In situations like this you can’t pull teeth to get someone to see you in a certain light.

People are either with it or their not. It sounds harsh, but it’s just a simple way of looking at things. I had to take what she said and just take it for what it was.

We had some good times, and I took some great lessons from that time. The dating saga continues and I’m all good with that. Conversely, the Valentine’s Day Chronicles has to end. It was fun and I hope you guys dug all five parts.

If you get anything at all from my tales, I hope you embrace dusting yourself off and trying again. This Valentine’s Day be creative, be fun and be safe. Show good vibes, be love, celebrate love.  I wish for you to not have any twins in 9 months that you weren’t planning for.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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