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Black Love is Beautiful: Favorite Classic Black Love Films

Papoose’s “Black Love” should be qued up on your Valentine’s Day playlists, along with a few classic films if you and bae are opting to Netflix & Chill.

Whether we want to admit it or not, romantic films are a secret pleasure for most. Maybe not all of the them, but when it comes to black romantic films, everyone has a favorite.

These classic films make love relatable, fun, and realistic. I’m waiting for that day a man tells me he’s “the blues in my left thigh trying to be the funk in my right”…IT CAN HAPPEN.

Here are a few of my favorite black love films and their best moments.

Love Jones

Yes yes yes! The beautiful Nia Long with the smooth Larenz Tate. This is a classic love movie, all the way to intense arguments turning into passionate kissing in the rain.

My favorite moment from this film is when Darius dedicated a spoken word piece to Nina, and presented in to the entire lounge.”Who am I, it’s not important, but they call me Brotha to the night…and right now I’m the blues in your left thigh, trying to become the funk in your right.” Yes, this is by far my favorite quote and it’s so good it’s worth repeating.

Love & Basketball

This is maybe one of the most relatable films – friends grow up together, having feelings but never addressing them. Then they grow and glow up, have that night where their feelings are put right in front of their face, and fall in love.

My favorite moment from this movie is when they were at their spring dance, on separate dates, but on the dance floor, couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. No matter how much they tried to deny it, they were both feeling each other.

The Wood

This is more of a romantic comedy to me, but still a classic. The young boy from South Carolina moves to Inglewood California, meets his two best friends, and the love of his life.

The funniest yet still romantic, moment of this film, is when Mike asked Alicia to dance and she said yes. They were dancing and Mike was just trying to stay cool, then she wanted to dance a little closer but he got a little too excited. He was dancing at least a whole arms length away and stated, “This how we do it in South Carolina.”

Once she caught on, she could’ve played him, or just walked away but she asked him to walk her outside and gave him her number! It was the cutest thing.

Brown Sugar

This film merges love and hip-hop into the perfect romantic – no VH1 episode can compare.

Here you have the two friends that grew up together, always considering the “what if” factor in the back of their mind. Their friendship was so close and real it bothered each of their spouses and in the end they couldn’t ignore that they were meant for each other. My favorite moment in this film is when Dre made a toast to Sydney at his Party, “You are the perfect verse over a tight beat.”

The Best Man

My favorite moment of this classic is when Mia and Lance are finally getting married, regardless of all the mess that just happened. As Mia comes down the aisle, Lance begins to become emotional and shed tears in the manliest way possible.

I’m not sure if he was crying because he was so happy to finally be marrying her, or because the innocence he thought was there was a lie. Either way, his love for her was undeniable.

Two Can Play That Game

This movie gives you the real about love and relationships: we play too many games. Shanté had it all figured out when it came to solving other women’s men problems, but she got too messy when it came to her own.

In the end when the games were done, they were ale to work out their problems. The best moment from this film is when Shanté has a flashback to how she met Keith and ended up dating. He was so smooth and gave her all the right compliments. It was love at first sight.

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