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7 Young Entrepreneurs Making Black History

Leanna Archer

As a teenager, Leanna became the CEO of a six-figured company, Leanna’s Hair. Archer credits the success of her company to a recent movement among women to stop using dangerous chemicals on their hair and from that she created all natural products.

She has also founded charitable organization, the Leanna Archer Education Foundation, which provides education and food to poverty-stricken children in Haiti. Her current foundation has supported up to 200 people. Her future goals with the foundation include starting a school to help educate more children.

The young CEO is currently in school majoring in political science and hoping to one day force social and economic changes through government involvement. In an interview with NPR she expressed advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, “When you have an idea, stick to it. Follow it through even if that’s not what you’re meant to be doing. It could lead you into something else that you become passionate about.”

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