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7 Young Entrepreneurs Making Black History

The beautiful thing about black history is that there are so many people we have to commemorate and acknowledge for the sacrifices they have made and the barriers they broke.

I’m sure we’ve heard the phrase, “every month is Black History Month” because our history is embedded in every culture and the very formation of this country. The cultivation of history never stops, there are always new people and new generations coming along to bring something new, spice up traditional thinking, and bring a unique perspective.

This “Generation X” is considered to be full of young innovative people, open-minded to fresh new ideas and positive outlooks. At one point in time, there was a drive to own your own land, and your own business in the black community, there was pride in working for yourself. After a while, it became satisfying to just have a job, and the thought of creating your own company just seemed so far stretched. Today however, the ambition to be your own CEO is the way this rising generation is thinking.

Click through the following pages to meet 7 young entrepreneurs changing the “settling mindset” and creating present day black history.

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