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The ‘New Edition Story’ A Biopic For All Ages

Millennials, we don’t have music groups. We somewhat, semi, kind’ve grew up with Destiny’s Child, maybe TLC even, but a group like New Edition, not even close.

Many fans that grew up with the group thought, oh no BET don’t do this, don’t do a biopic and completely botch our history. This group transcended decades, from just a couple of kids from Boston singing “Candy Girl,” to a grown up sound sending chills with “Can You Stand The Rain.”

So three days and six hours later, the masses completely appreciate the effort put into a beautifully pieced together miniseries capturing such an iconic group.

While many of us who watched may not have grown up with the group, this miniseries told the story in a way that made 20-somethings appreciate the music they jammed to and understand why their auntie’s and uncles stayed on their feet swaying to the memories of when they were kids.

We hear countless stories of how “they don’t make music like this anymore,” and no, no they do not. Our R&B stars heavily blur the lines with pop and hip-hop. Lyrics can be just a bit more crass compared to the sultry seduction in years past.

No, they do not make music like New Edition or Boys II Men anymore.

So while we accept this truth, this biopic hardly made millennials feel out of the loop. We watched the boys grow to men, learn life lessons the hard way – like most of us do – divide, fall in love, have each other’s backs, reunite, a story we can all relate to and then of course the music. Oh the music.

Each song made you crave the type of R&B that makes your body sway and think of your first dance as a married couple celebrating an anniversary. Now that is timeless.

As a 20-something surrounded by trap soul and Trigga Trey, I am happy to have experienced a biopic peering into a group I snuck into my older brother’s rooms to listen to. Those hits have forever graced my playlists, and BET’s New Edition Story has gifted me a sense of belonging to a group that I’ve been told is “before my time.”

Check out the New Edition Story if you missed it and let us know what your favorite single is in the comments.

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