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Keeping Fit on Vacation

What is your biggest regret when coming back from vacation? Is it not having enough beach time, or maybe not doing as many activities as you wanted? What about exercise?

I don’t think I ever think about exercise when I’m on vacation, I mean why would I? It’s a vacation, I am supposed to be relaxing from everything, and in my mind, that includes exercise. Maybe people who regularly exercise have a different experience, but for me, exercise is important for vacation but not on vacation.

However, I regret having this mindset often.

Being active and physical is supposed to be apart of our daily activities. But in reality, we really only take exercise serious for special occasions. You know, that special event coming up and you want a certain dress or suit to fit a certain way. Vacation is the same way. When spring and summer are approaching it motivates us to make sure our bodies are ready for the swimsuit weather.

We want to be on the beach comfortable in our swimwear, so we will dedicate ourselves to exercise until we reach that temporary goal.

The problem is, after we reach our goal and get our pictures for the ‘gram, we lose our commitment and motivation to continue to exercise. We no longer have an occasion to show out for until maybe later on in the year. Unfortunately, that can result to our bodies back tracking back to where we started.

Vacations are about fun and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. We want to maintain our success with our body goals, not just settle for the accomplishment.

Shani Anderson is a personal trainer and managing director of London-based Anderson Fitness Consultants. During an interview with CNN writer Tim Hume, she gave some advice to stay fit on vacations.

Anderson explains in the article that vacation doesn’t have to include escaping healthy habits. She urges people to take advantage of gyms if your hotels or resorts.

Along with exercise she also discusses the importance of our food intake, and reminds us to be aware of our food choices, portions, and to not over eat.

“Instead of using calories, you look at your plate, and put your fist next to your carbohydrate section and it should be the same size,” she says. “The size and thickness of your palm is the amount of protein you can eat…’It’s all about not getting hungry. People starve themselves thinking it’s going to help, but it really doesn’t, especially if you’re traveling.”

Lastly, Anderson puts major emphasis on planning ahead and controlling your attitude.”It’s a mental battle more than anything else.”

Whether it’s jogging along the beach, or just enjoying swimming in the beach or pool, the point is to be physically active.Maybe instead of exercise taking away from our relaxation on vacation, it can add to it.

Here are 5 Instagram fitness guru’s along with some of their workout routines you can take on the road.

1. Jeanette Jenkins

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2. Dovies Workout

3. Kayla Itsiness

4. Dylan Werner

5. Massy Arias

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STAIR WORKOUT CHALLENGE [Tag a friend to challenge] HAPPY FRIYAY👇🏽✍🏽 What your sexy self will need: Jump rope Mini resistance bands: available on my website www.MassyArias.com 💥Challenge: there are 4 super sets in this video combining one jump rope move with mini resistance band or stair move. combine and perform each superset (no rest in between). Rest for 1 full minute and repeat super set 3 times. Are you ready? RECORD THIS ROUTINE AND TAG ME WITH #ma30day #movewithmassy FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE SET OF MINI BANDS. READY, LET'S GO! Note: you don't need the mini bands to perform these movements. If you don't own one don't worry. If there's any move you can't perform, jus double one you find easier. Good luck and let's see how creative you can get! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #mawarrior #childofGod #prego #24weekspregnant _________________________________________________ FELIZ VIERNES! DESAFIÓ DE ESCALERAS [menciona a un amigo y retalos] 👇🏽✍🏽️ Lo que necesitarás: Cuerda de salto Mini bandas de resistencia: disponibles en mi paguina web www.MassyArias.com 💥Desafio: este vídeo contiene 4 superseries combinandl dos ejercicios. Realiza cada salto de cuerda con su respectivo superconjunto por 30 segundos sin descanso entre ejercicio. Descansa por 1 minuto completo. Repite cada superconjunto 3 veces! LISTOS? Graba esta rutina y mencióname con #ma30day #movewithmassy para un chance de ganar un set de mini bandas. DALE! Nota: si no puedes hacer cualquier movimiento solo repite uno que se haga más fácil para ti. Buena suerte y DALE! #Hijadecristo

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