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The Most Useful Features of Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers, handy little tools that have found their way into the Android ecosystem, allow you to monitor heart rate, track steps, and receive notifications directly to the gadget on your wrist or the app on your Android phone. Why we say tools, but not gadgets, is because they serve a specific purpose – improving your fitness and overall health. There is no use for a fitness tracker if you’re only wearing it passively, and you’re definitely missing out on everything they offer.

Different fitness tracking apps and gadgets have been developed to suit the different needs of their users. Whether you’re a weightlifter, a yogi, or a runner – there is a fitness tracker designed for your fitness style.

Every fitness tracker has certain key features, and if you wish to start using one – the features that you should pay attention to when selecting your device are: sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, pedometer, barometer, accelerometer/gyroscope, and GPS. However, you should also know how much you can trust them.

The “Calorie Count” Trap

Health professionals have been telling us to stop counting calories, and they have good reasons for that. It’s not all about the calories in the food you eat, but rather the quality of it. When it comes to fitness tracker calorie counts, they’re pretty much inaccurate, basing their readings on vital stats like weight, height, age and gender. Even heart rate monitor number should be approached with caution, but calculating the amount of calories you should or are allowed to consume each day should be avoided.

Set Your Own Goals

If you use preset goals that most fitness trackers come with, you may not experience any progress. Why? Because it might mean you can reach them with ease due to your current lifestyle and fitness condition. Personalize and adjust them to your own needs and potential, making those targets more demanding.

Small Challenges

Fitness trackers give you the opportunity to create a list of times during the day when you have the opportunity to add in more steps. Once you do, start working on the ways to change your routine behavior. Create small challenges each day, like walking more steps on the way to work.

For example, you can create a micro challenge of walking at least 100 steps per hour, which will help you focus during the whole day, rather than have you chasing the right total at the end of each day. fitness-tracker-bb

The Social Aspect

Most of today’s fitness tracking apps are based on providing support. As a leverage, they use feedback on behavior, social support and approval from others. Thus, their developers are concerned about connecting us, the users, socially. Once you’ve hit a few targets and earned a few badges, you’ll need something to keep you going and maintain your motivation at its all-time high.

The most useful feature has been proven to be the opportunity to get involved in a community, or get family and friends involved. It can really help you stick to your long term plans, bring out a competitive edge, and make everything more fun.

Handy Reminders

Fitness trackers usually have the function of reminding you to stay active, avoid being in a sedentary position for too long, get up and walk around every hour for at least five minutes.

Just make sure they are turned ON and that you don’t ignore them.

Create an Eating Log

If we are to describe the age we live in, its characteristics, which have developed due to digitalization, would surely prevail. So, why don’t we use technology to note what you eat? It will make you more conscious of what and how much you consume – calories, weight, and portion sizes. By comparing information on your food intake and stats from a good body measurement tracker, you can make important changes in your nutrition, depending on whether you wish to lose weight or gain some muscle mass.

Approaching your new fitness tracker with the right mindset is important. It is a tool, and its features are to be used, because they won’t do the work on your behalf. You’ll have more success if you use it for direction and motivation, while working hard on changing your behaviors and habits, and setting your fitness standards higher.

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