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Jocelynn Jacobs, Stylist on the Move

There is no natural order of things, just ask wardrobe stylist Jocelynn Jacobs.

Before entering the world of styling, Jocelynn worked in corporate America. Feeling unfulfilled and bored, she left her job and enrolled into Parsons School of Design. With just a few years of styling under her belt, Jocelynn has worked with various fashion houses and presently works with MTV’s Girl Code and Guy Code series.

“My entry into it was a bit backwards. I can’t say it’s something I pursued. It literally found me and then we fell in love,” she explained.

While styling keeps her on her toes, the image consultant is prepping her pivot from styling to taking her business – The Styling Cabinet – to the next level. Her belief is that every stylist should have their next move in mind.

“You can be a stylist but then at a point in time you have to expand,” she explained. “Are you going to start an agency, or develop a clothing line, open a store? It isn’t just one-sided, it has to be something that’s going to go forward in a lot of directions.”

With all on her plate, Jocelynn aims to cultivate and create a platform for a beauty squad to come together, learn from each other, and be open to collaboration. Providing a mentorship that she missed while carving her own path in styling, Jocelynn is a woman on the constant move.

Read up on Jocelynn’s upcoming plans, a bit about date night fashion, and how being in the red forces creatives to harness entrepreneurial skills on the following page.

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