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Stop Neglecting Your Mental Health

Kid Cudi is brave. His transparency in a Facebook post earlier this week reveals a very real battle fought by many. Entrepreneurs, students, parents, all face the will to smile despite feeling very lost.

We are not our best selves when our mental health is not at peace.

In a generation of people who are all leaping into uncharted waters, we neglect to acknowledge the mental anguish that comes along with the leap. There’s a certain level of mental toughness you’re forced to develop as you navigate new spaces – some are born with it, others are backed into a corner to develop it.

It isn’t easy. It isn’t easy, even more so, when sucked into a comparative mindset or on a main stage, like Kid Cudi, and are pouring all of you into others.

Protecting and fortifying our mental is vital to our success. Yet, it is something glazed over. There are many articles and other materials dedicated to explaining the importance of taking care of ourselves holistically. Still, too often, we neglect to take a day off to take care of ourselves.

You cannot take care of others – or your business for that matter – without making sure that you are ok. Sometimes it is a break or, like Cudi, realizing that you need support from additional sources that aside from family and friends.

We will all reach a breaking point over periods of time in our lives. It is within our human nature. It is  our response to these tipping points that make us stronger our day-to-day lives.

Mental health should be at the forefront of self-care, for men and women alike.

Whether it is therapy, exercise, days spent with family, vacations, whatever it is you need to do to ensure your mind is as sound as it can be amidst the chaos.

Take a note from Kid Cudi and take a serious look at yourself. Do you need to take a step back? Get you in order before leaping to your next step, a strong mental will be the foundation to your success.

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