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Anticipation Season: Don’t Downplay Your “Almost”

So much of my life has been lived in the space of, “I’m almost there.” I’m always trying to finish something, trying to get to a place whose definition seems to change every month.

Financially comfortable. Emotionally happy. Professionally accomplished. Almost there.

My ambition can leave me feeling like I’ll be stuck in “almost” forever.

Life is cyclical. Fall always follows summer; winter always comes after fall and before spring. I know this. I accept this as something I cannot change. Naturally, though, there are seasons I like more than others. Fall and summer? Any day of the week. Spring? Winter? Sneezing and snowstorms? Ehhhh.

Even though I’m not the hugest fan while the seasons are here, I would miss them if I never felt them again. Would I appreciate my summer and fall as much if winter didn’t remind me how cold it can get? If spring was almost everything I wanted, but not enough sun shining on my skin, what good would summer be? I’m trying to realize how seasonal all areas of life are: I can’t speed up or slow down this season of “almost” any more than I can make the leaves turn colors or set the sun high in the sky. Whether I like a season or not, I still properly prep for it, because I want to see the seasons that follow. No matter how harsh it ends up being, it always ends. Like any other season in life, almost ain’t forever.

For now, though, I’m still almost there. This season of grinding may not be pretty, but it’s so necessary. The reality, as much as I hate to admit, is that I’m probably not actually ready for my “there” just yet. I’m supposed to be here in “almost” for now. For the most part, seasons last as long as they’re supposed to. I’ve been here long enough to think back on things, and, honestly I’ve made way more progress than I had given myself credit for.

I almost let anticipation cheat me out of taking pride in my progress. Think of all the seasons we have to survive to even make it this far. Ideas, first steps, actions, setbacks.

“Almost” is still an accomplishment.

I love Brandy. I sang her songs, had her Barbie, and watched her show. And as much as I listened and nodded along, I’m starting to see that almost actually does count a lot of the time. It takes work to reach almost. Even if you haven’t made it exactly where you want to be just yet, you’re probably way closer than you realize. You’re almost there. Almost. And that’s way better than not being anywhere at all.

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