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#Adulting: 15 Truths about Your Twenties

I’m officially in my mid-twenties. The weird thing about that is that doesn’t sound weird. I’m 25. I’ve felt I was this age for as long as I can remember. It’s only now, though, that I realize how much I’ve actually learned.

A quarter century ain’t old, but it’s not that young, either. Here are fifteen of the truest things I’ve learned in honor of joining the quarter-century club.

1.) You won’t regret telling people how you like to be loved.

2.) You probably don’t expect too much. You probably just expect it too soon.

3.) Everyone is irreplaceable at something. Yes, even you.

4.) The length of time you’ve known someone isn’t always directly linked to their feelings of loyalty towards you.

5.) Some people want things for you. Other people want things from you. Know the difference.

6.) Sometimes saying too little can feel just as bad as saying too much.

7.) The love you get from family and friends? That’s still love.

8.) Shortcuts are the quickest road to setbacks.

9.) You don’t know everything. That should bring you peace, not make you panic.

10.) You’ll thank yourself later for that workout you barely finished.

11.) People can mean well and still not do right by you.

12.) Love hard, not halfway. You’ll get it all back one way or another.

13.) You don’t need to cross paths again just because they’ve crossed your mind.

14.) You will change your mind. And you have every right to.

15.) Everyone else is just as confused as you are. They’re just better at faking it.

In the words of my fake cousin Solange, “I’m a lot wiser and a little older.” Oh, and to all my fellow Virgos: happy birthday/happy belated.

Whether it’s your birthday or just been a big year so far, what realizations have you come to lately? I’d love to have even more to add to this list.

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