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From Passion To Business, Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars: A Family Affair

It’s funny how we associate certain social activities with gender. Shopping is a lady’s thing. Monday night football is a guy’s thing.

Well, in 2016 I’d hope we’ve taken note that gender is, in fact, fluid and we are more than welcome to enjoy any multitude of activities whether it be sports, clothing, and lets throw in cigars.

Across the board, cigars are seen to be enjoyed by gentlemen accompanied with a neat glass of scotch or whiskey. Sure, popular movies and shows might lead you to believe that this solely for the boy’s club but ladies indulge in a full bodied cigar just as the fellas do.

Take Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars for instance. Two Arfro-Cuban twin sisters, Yvonne and Yvette Rodriguez, who enjoy a good cigar with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, took a hobby and evolved it into a business utilizing skills they already had in a previous endeavor.

Now, joined by their cofounders, who double as their respective significant others, Yvonne and Yvette are running a boutique cigar company curating 90 percent of their sales to black consumers and black-owned cigar shops.

Read more of our conversation on the following page and if you happen to be in Miami, track down these dope sisters and light one with them. Maybe you’ll appear in their vlog.

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