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The Importance Of Conventions

Between summer and fall there is this amazing period that happens where people are connecting, networking, and gearing up for their personal next levels. To reach those new heights being open to learn and network is essential; during these summer and fall months pack in both at a convention.

The most popular conventions during these two seasons are: Vidcon, BeautyCon, Comic Con, College Fashion Week, Beauty Expo, IMATS, Podcast Movement, World Domination Summit, New Media Expo, Expert’s Academy, WordCamp, BlogHer, and many more.

Attending these conventions are a great benefit for you. You get to be exposed to new ways of thinking, products, you get to meet people similar to you and forge hopefully lasting connections, and lastly, you’re simply putting yourself out there and not staying in your comfort zone.

Many conventions dedicate a season to a particular region of the world. For example,Beauty Con is so big it is held in four different cities at four different times. This could be the case for the convention you are looking to attend. Plan ahead, make a list and calendar of the conventions you’d like to hit, and make it happen.

It’s important not to get overwhelmed at these conventions. You are a sponge, soak up as much information as you can to better yourself. Overall, conventions should be fun and exciting. Attend as many as you can a year so you can get yourself out there and network like the boss that you are.

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