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Money Matters: Save Every 5 Dollar Bill

We are a generation of challenges. Scroll through Instagram and you’ll be sure to soak in at least three different fitness or foodie challenges you’ve double tapped and possibly screen-shotted to consider trying.

The challenge makes it interesting.

Like exercise or better eating habits, money saving challenges are amongst the many challenges that are worth fighting off the temptation. While many of us stick to spending plastic, because cash in our wallet is an ultimate spree, this challenge might be a great way to practice discipline across the board.

The $5 bill challenge will take you on a journey for a full 365 days. Yup, you’re doing this for a full year. This timeline makes a lot of sense considering, again, most attempt not to walk around with cash.

The rules are simple: for every $5 bill you come into contact with, don’t spend it. If you break that $20 bill and receive a $5 in your change, tuck it out of sight until you can put it in a jar or piggy bank. If that means you have to pass up a sugar rush – which you probably should be doing anyway – you’ll have to fight that temptation, stay disciplined, and pass up that sugar rush.

Do you have what it takes to save those $5’s and make your money work for you? Start today and keep us posted on your progress.

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