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You Better Intern!

When entering college, we pretty much have our minds made up about everything. After months of research you’re sure this is the perfect school for you, you know exactly what dorm hall you want to stay in, and your mind is made up on what major you plan to study – well, a good chunk of us.

By junior year, most people are ready to roll out and get their career in the works. But it’s important to make sure that before leaving school, your career is exactly what you dream it to be. The fact is, until you get your hands dirty in your career, you are never 100% sure that this is something you really want to do.

An easy way to make sure this decision is 100% secure is simple, interning.  Getting first-hand experience in the field you have been dreaming about as a day job is all you need. It’s important to be in the work environment and gain prior experience to your career field before investing time and energy into finding a job after college. A career you thought would be everything you ever imagined, could turn out to be a complete disaster.

If you’re not involved in an internship this summer – though there is still time – I would suggest playing catch up and applying for fall and winter internships now. Yes, applications are open and are quickly coming to a close.

Interning, and working, provide invaluable experience to help inform your life’s journey of what might be in your deck of cards for the years after graduation. Even if your career takes a turn in a different direction, all of your experiences will help in creating those opportunities for the life you wish to live.

In the words of DJ Khaled, interning is a MAJOR KEY!

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