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Supporting Black Business, In The Worst Of Times And Best Of Times

With every new hashtag flooding our social media timelines comes a call for action. Specifically, a call to buy black.

The revolution will start targeting their pockets, not in the streets. Invest you checking and savings in black-owned banks, choose a black-owned coffee shop rather than the newly-furnished gentrified one n your block, take your hard earned green dollar bills to our community.

And, it makes sense. Our community boasts the most buying power. We are the optimal customer.

Within our illustrious community, black-owned businesses are leading the charge. We are every where, in fact, IDontDoClubs makes it easy to find a diverse group of businesses from New York to Atlanta. We don’t have to search under rocks or travel oceans to support our own community.

But, we don’t. Unless a hashtag reminds us of the importance to recycle support within our own communities.

In light of recent tragedies, we should be taking the extra step to show an unbreakable unity – in times of turmoil and in times of peace. Buying black is important year-round, not when we are reminded of how undervalued our lives are.

Showing our support within our communities is an actionable step towards fighting the injustices we face daily. While many are in search of “action,” taking this fight to the same streets our law enforcement occupy, as we witnessed in Dallas – violence in response to violence is not the answer.

Fueling our community with the dollars needed to trickle down and improve schools, living conditions, access to healthier foods, our strength in our buying power is more important than we realize.

Start today. Find a black owned restaurant or bank and simply visit. Congratulate the owner for staying around for this long and buy something. We applaud entrepreneurs for being entrepreneurs but seldom do we provide the financial support necessary to keep those same entrepreneurs in business for 365 days.

It is important to take buying black seriously, beyond our hashtags. Less tweeting, more being about it.


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