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5 Black Webseries You Should Be Watching

Who needs television when you can just log into your YouTube account and binge watch shows for free? Web series have slowly been taking the place of mainstream television.

Instead of giving your coins to Netflix and Hulu, support black businesses and watch these 5 Black web series online. You’ll care less about losing your remote and more about finding your computer charger.


A story of two roommates: one roommate is conducting a social experiment on a dating site, Hello Cupid, but after striking out decides to post their roommates flick on the profile. I mean, imagine how insane your life would turn out if your best friend used your picture on a dating site.

Love Handles 

If you’re like me, your first choice is a crazy love story with lots of drama, twists, and turns. It relates to you, but is also so outrageous that you kind of wish your life was this crazy. We also like to see a horrible sap story turn into a magical happy ending. Love Handles would be the web series for you.


Love Handles is a story of two friends who help their recently dumped best girlfriend out of her depression – by finding her a new man. It’s relatable, funny, and romantic all at the same time. Definitely something I could see myself getting hooked on.

No Shade

No Shade is a LGBT drama series about success, love, and evolution in the lives of three gay males. They all are becoming comfortable with their sexuality while dealing with new experiences in the city of New York.

If you love the plot of No Shade, plan to binge watch but want more.

Entangled With You

Entangled With You is another captivating LGBT story, but caters to the ladies. A lesbian black woman who has recently went through a break up moves in with a heterosexual woman, who also just got out of a relationship.

This makes for a great friendship and a major bonding experience. Of course this web series will be schooling you about the facts of having safe sex (one of the characters contracted an STI while in their former relationship), while following the process of a blooming friendship. This is something you can’t miss.

Black Roots

Black Roots is a story of a young man’s journey to joining a Greek fraternity. I know you’re probably asking yourself, is this just another Stomp the Yard. But, no, this web series goes in depth to not only explain Greek life but to highlight the black college experience. Black Roots shows the journey of gaining brotherhood while dealing with financial and social problems at a black university. Culture, history and fun all in one film.

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