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Women Share The Blame For Unfaithful Men

The idea of being unfaithful, having more than one woman, and treating them with little to no respect has become a trend.

Now, the term “man-sharing” is an actual thing – specifically relating to the idea of man dating two women exclusively, both women being knowledgeable, and ok with just that. Barbershop comedian DeRay Davis has no shame in telling the world that he has two girlfriends on the new Oxygen reality show, Living With Funny. Known to be a cheater in his past relationships, he decided to keep it 1-hunnit and let the two women he is in a relationship with know about each other. Although they seem to be completely content with his decision, it’s far from normal in my eyes.

It’s not just men that are the problem, we as women are to blame as well.

Men today treat women with little to no respect and we let them get away with it. Being in a committed relationship with two people at once is not acceptable. Being committed means trusting one another, giving each other the same love and support equally, and being faithful to one another. How can you take your relationship serious when you’re sharing it with another woman? You’re not only allowing him to be dishonest with you, but you’re being dishonest with yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror girl, you deserve better than to be a sometimes girlfriend or a second choice.

Any man who doesn’t see that just isn’t ready for a woman like you.

Remember ladies, what you allow will continue. Don’t let those words he wraps you up with every night get to your head. Ultimately, if a man is having trouble choosing between you and another person, don’t give him the option of choosing you in the end. His confusion shows that he is uncertain with himself as much as he is with his feelings for you. You don’t want to be stuck with a man who doesn’t know what he wants in the long run. That’s a big no no when trying to maintain a healthy relationship. You’re more than the second choice; don’t let the trend of men being carefree with your feelings go on.

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