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Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth is, Getting Paid to Blog

Ever since I made up my mind about pursuing journalism as a career I’ve taken almost every chance there is to write. I went through a series of blogs – some were more successful than others – but that didn’t last long due to inactivity and how uniformed I was about starting a blog. I didn’t feel like it was something I could pull off, let alone get paid for it.

With practice and contributing content to other people’s websites, I finally found that I actually had no problem with blogging. My only issue was that I was more so trying to be seen rather than add good content to my page that readers would actually care about. I was doing it more so to say I had a blog rather than putting my heart and soul into the stories I was trying to create.

Although that was my dilemma, today there are many spontaneous reasons for starting a blog that don’t just involve writing. Sharing your food journey, traveling stories, and writing about the latest news are some of the most obvious. But what many people aren’t aware of is the money aspect of starting a blog. I mean if you have a passion for it, you might as well get paid for it, right?

What many people lack in blogging is accurate ways to accomplish this goal. Here are some tips to be balling in bills with blogging.

  1. Don’t be so wrapped around not recieving comments on your posts: As ironic as it seems, comments are the least of your problems. Yes, it’s reassuring to have people interacting with your writing and being able to relate with you on your views. But that’s not what’s making the money. Social media is the key to blogging. Getting users involved and familiarizing them with your website is whats going to bring the real traffic in. So work on promoting your blog and making it apparent to your followers that you’re here for a cause.
  2. Create content not only you’re interested about but that your audience is raving about: You can put your all into a post and it be amazing, but if it’s only amazing to you what will your readers read? It’s easy to remain in a safe place and write about things that only interest you to make the content easier to write. But that’s what we want to stray from. Step outside your comfort zone and write about things you never imagined. You may have to do research here and there, but this is the content people want to read about the most. It pays to have a variety of genres on your blog readers can dive into.
  3. Incorporate Ads on your blog site: Most times people look at ads and try to avoid them because they can be distracting. While the numbers are dwindling, ads can still help the cash flow of your blog and get it recognized. With banner ads on your page, for example, you are allowing the company to get heavy traffic on their websites, and bringing attention to your posts at the same time. Contact the advertising companies you want to have on your page and pitch why this would be a good move.
  4. Advertise through giveaways: An outside company will supply products for a website to giveaway to readers as a way to advertise. Although this may cost a little bit of money to essentially set up, it’s fun for readers, keeps them engaged and coming back to your page while also promoting companies growing products.
  5. Have fun with it: Blogging should be something you love and have a passion to do. So have fun with it. If the passion you have for writing is true it will show through your work and with the help of social media, you’ll be on your way to the money. This doesn’t happen over night. It takes hard work, dedication and a real grind.
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  1. Thanks for this article, I have a blog and have been trying to promote on social media and eventually monetize from it, thanks for the heads up.

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