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Power Of The P.U.S.S.Y

Let me talk to the fellas today about a topic we’ve all discussed before but still don’t have the answers we need to completely fight and win this battle. I’m here today to let y’all in on a little secret.

Let me give you a little reminder of why you stress your barber out every Friday night just to get a haircut, why you hit the mall, stand in line for hours just to get a pair of sneakers, why you spend your hard earned cash on an outfit you really can’t afford and why the real ballers buy expensive ass cars and homes. We even got the dudes out there being scammers using fake credit cards to buy up all the bottles in the club. It all revolves around one thing. It’s been called many things since the beginning of time. A few of my favorites are the box, nappy dugout, and love glove. The great urban philosopher by the name of Devin the Dude once said, “Countries have gone to war over it. It will make you want to blow your brains out and hers. It will also make you do things you never would’ve done in your life just to get close to it.” That’s right fellas – P.U.S.S.Y.

The power of the pussy. This is something that we all know about, have talked about, but still don’t know how to control the effect it has on us males. Pussy is so powerful that men will do almost anything to get it. I mean, just think about this for a second, Adam probably didn’t even know that Eve’s pussy was even good but GOD knew and he probably dropped him a line like, “My G you might want to hit Eve up and get this thing called life started.”

Now let’s keep it real fellas, be honest with yourself, think about that one time when you did the craziest shit ever just to get a piece of action from a beautiful lady. I mean, I know dudes who have a whole family at home, wife, kids and dog, and will leave all that behind just to get some new pussy. The oldest profession in the world is based off tricking off material things or cash just to lay up with something soft and wet; you’re willing to give up all that to just to get some pussy. Pussy is so damn powerful; shit even had my man Andre 3000 wearing shoulder pads with New Jersey over them and it had Common dressing like Young Thug before Thugga even existed.

Seriously though, that shit is one of the most addicting drugs in the world next to making money and guess what you use that money on? Yep, all on some pussy. Pussy really is the Alpha and the Omega because it brings life into this world, but it can also get you killed and in some pretty messed up situations. I’m not scared to admit that even I’ve done some crazy shit in my life to get some pussy. I’ve just come to learn to respect its power which has allowed me build up a little more control over the years.

Some of you ladies don’t even know how much power you got. I know there are some of y’all that need “PPM” aka Proper Pussy Management, but that’s another post for another day. But damn it you females can get almost anything you want from almost any dude you want just by using your pussy power. Fellas, we have to admit it is one of the most powerful things out there so please be careful when you’re dealing with it. Proceed with extreme caution. Don’t let that power corrupt your mind, body and soul and turn you into a fuck boy. Have you out there stalking her IG and Snapchat all day long. So please do your best to stay focused and don’t go out like a sucka. Just remember this one thing: “Respect it and it will respect you.”

Peace x Power

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