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Return To Fall Semester With A Pumped Bank Account

Fellow college students, school is out for the summer. For those of you not enrolled in summer classes, you are possible (hopefully) taking on an internship – even if it is unpaid – and trying to stack some extra coins before returning back to the syllabi, lecture halls, and over-priced textbooks.

The summer is a 12-week ticking clock of how many brunches, day parties, and Snapchat filters you can utilize, along with making some extra money. Saving money is challenging, no matter where you are in your career. You want to have an adventurous summer, full of dog filters and tan lines, but lets face it, adulting requires a level of responsibility when it comes to money.

So, lets break it down. First, if you haven’t already, grab a job. If it happens to be part-time, grab another one if you can handle it. If you happen to get two jobs, you can stash one check directly in your account to save and use the other as your play money. This allows you to feed your account and still feel like you’re working to fund your fun.

If you’re managing just one job or a paid internship, save a quarter of every check – if your bank allows, set it up in a way that an amount will directly be pulled from your checking to your saving. You won’t notice the $20 or $40 after a while and will be stacking your paper.

Yes, the summer is about having fun, catching up with friends, experiencing new things, but your bank account waits for no one and unless you do some work, it’ll be coughing pennies at you.

What are some other saving solutions you will try this summer?


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