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Summer Time Fine: 5 Pieces To Add To Your Closet

Although summer doesn’t officially start until next month, we can all agree that we’re all in the summer mood. New trends are popping up with the change of the season, and while most are obvious and rarely go out of style, there are some that are making their way back to the forefront.

Ladies, here are five suggestions to consider adding to your summer style.

Curly Hair/ Natural Hair

Put those hot tools away and give your hair a break. We put our hair through so much heat damage from September to May; I think it’s time we all rock our natural hair. Let your natural curls or waves flow this season.


Or, for my ladies rocking a weave, the summer is the perfect time to try those big curly dos to make a splash at the beach.

Long Sleeved Button Ups

Perfect to be worn as a dress, a top with a cute belt and shorts, or to wrap a button up shirt around your waist for style, long sleeved button ups are an essential summer time piece. When that slight evening breeze kicks in you’re more than ready to take it on without having to stop back at home to change your entire outfit.

Bright or Nude Lips

Personally, I am more of a dark lip kind of girl. But, I have been trying to switch it up and wear brighter lip colors. Makeup experts tend to say dark lips are for fall and winter and bright lips are for spring and summer. You are welcome to go whatever makes your little heart and lips happy, but don’t be afraid to switch it up and try something new. Take baby steps and find one bright color that you really like and rock that for the entire summer.


Sundress/ T-shirt dresses

On those days you’re too lazy to make two things match just throw on a sundress or a t-shirt dress. They are quick and easy to pick out and put on and that leaves more time for you to do your hair and makeup. Sundress and dresses in general are just the way to go when it comes to the warmer seasons.


Don’t be afraid to get fancy with your eyewear this season. Sunglasses are always a must and never go out of style. Sunglasses can be investment and within a couple of years you can have a small little collection.

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