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Style vs. Fashion

Yves Saint Laurent once stated “fashion fades, style is eternal.” What I take from that is, fashion is an art that is notoriously difficult to keep up with because trends change seasonally; style is impacted by much longer-lasting factors. Style is affected by religion, politics, culture and subculture, weather, body type, profession, upbringing, I could go on and on and on.

Think about fashion vs. style in comparison to food consumption. You eat every day; you wear clothes every day. There are some days and some occasions you’re just not about that life. Then there are other days when you put more thought to your outfit, you want to be on “FLEEK,” and you really consider your meal for the day. There are some people, cloyingly called “foodies” and “fashionistas” for whom eating and wearing are a special hobby.

We can compare high fashion to 5-star restaurant dishes that show innovation, creativity, and expertise. A plate of soft-boiled quail eggs with a side of liquid nitrogen ice cream will look exquisite and show a great deal of culinary competence, just as so many gowns and suits on the runway look like moving works of art. Likewise, 70s fashion is now back in (see these cute 70s fashion ideas to see why) – but you need to have the style to pull it off. However, there is something to be said for hot dog vendors, deli owners, and grandma’s kitchen. They may not make particularly progressive dishes, but their food is still delicious and meaningful. Their food may not be fashionable, but it has style. It is unique to them, and it is recognized as something special.


It is concerned with “what’s out there” (fashion items, in the stores). It’s a matching process between what’s out there (fashion’s primary interest) to what I’m wearing. Is what I’m wearing a ‘match’ for what’s ‘out there’, to what’s been deemed ‘in fashion’?


It’s about “what’s in here” (my sense of self, my identity, my perception of who I am). The matching process is between who I am and how that is reflected and expressed in what I’m wearing. Does my clothing ‘match’ my sense of who I am, at least for today?

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I am Daniel Jones! Though I have tackled many endeavors in my lifetime, I have always found my way back to my first love: FASHION! Kids would get hyped for a toy store commercial, video games, while I would grow increasingly more excited for department stores showcasing their new arrivals. I can fondly remember traipsing through the mall at nine or 10-years-old with my mother, armed with a few dollars and marching right into a store only to envision an outfit I could create or purchase a new shirt, pair of kicks or some form of accessory.

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