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HERstory: Being A Woman Is?

HERstory was created in collaboration with Brown Girl In The City to join the conversation Women’s History Month creates. During this time of interviewing, editing, and writing, BrooklynButtah asked teens and middle school aged girls if they were aware that it was Women’s History Month.

Sadly, an overwhelming majority were unaware.

Others pieced together the recent projects assigned at school focusing on women of the past that contributed in making this future possible. I wish that at 12 or 16-years-old I was aware of Women’s History Month, but admittedly I wasn’t until college.

Present day stories capturing what it means to be a woman is important to showing girls their importance beyond being the caregiver and child bearer. Women are warriorsentrepreneurscreatorsmoversshakers – the foundation and the support.

Women’s history is being made daily. Close out HERstory, for now, with a few of our featured guests and the ladies behind BrooklynButtah and Brown In The City above.

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