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Holiday Quick Fix: Living to LetItMaraN8

What is your favorite holiday dish and why?

Maybe my Caramel Apple Pie. When I think Thanksgiving and Christmas, I immediately think about turkey, ham and the dessert table. The pies, cakes and bread puddings are an essential part to every meal and nothing says Christmas to me like a good Apple Pie.

When was your first time contributing to holiday cooking?

Probably around five. My grandmother spent about two days preparing Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner so if you were in the house, you had no choice but to help. You were going to stir some cornbread, chop an onion, and baste a turkey, SOMETHING. But the first things I started really making by myself to bring to holiday dinners were cakes and pies and that was around the age of 10.

Do you have a remix or special techniques to a traditional recipe that everybody doesn’t have? If so, what is it?

A few years ago my dad and I got the idea to try grilling a turkey since he and I were always obsessed with barbecue and didn’t think it was right that it was mostly considered a summertime food. So one COLD, COLD Chicago Thanksgiving I remember he and I ran back and forth outside for hours monitoring this bird and it came out perfectly and I’ve grilled a turkey just about every year since. Non snowy weather permitting, of course.

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