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Holiday Quick Fix: Living to LetItMaraN8


Chef Liese with the owners of Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in New York City.  

What inspired you to want to become a chef?

I’ve honestly known since I was about four that I wanted to be a chef. I never went through the doctor, lawyer, singer or astronaut phase like other kids, I was just always sure that I wanted to cook all day, every day so that I could eat all day every day. Every Sunday as well as many times during the week, my grandmother would cook and my entire family would come over, eat and simply sit in the kitchen and talk for hours. I loved the fact that no matter the situation, food was the one thing that always had the ability to bring my family together and immediately brighten everyone’s mood.

What is your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday would have to be my grandmother’s birthday. It was always such a big deal to my family because my grandmother is such a great woman and did so much for everyone so we knew we just had to go all out for her every year or she would kill us. My grandmother’s birthday is August 26th and every year right after Mother’s day she would start asking what we were doing for her birthday. She ALWAYS wanted a party. Nothing extravagant like renting out a banquet hall or putting on tuxedos or anything but simply inviting all of her relatives, friends, and the entire church over to her house for a huge dinner. Every year my family would always cook a lot of food, order pans and pans of chicken wings, and guests would bring a ton of food as well so it was always like a mini thanksgiving but in the summertime which definitely made it more enjoyable.

What is your favorite food memory?

Before I started preschool, my grandparents would watch me during the day and through my grandmother, I began learning my way around the kitchen very early. My favorite food memory would be her teaching me how to scramble an egg in the microwave. I was always a morning person and often awake extremely early so she thought it would be beneficial to teach me how to make a couple of things in the microwave so that I could eat and quietly enjoy my cartoons if no one else was awake. But that’s definitely my most vivid and favorite food memory and probably the one that sparked my curiosity about food.

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