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Eyeball Tattoos Anyone

We raised our eyebrows when former member of 90’s R&B girl group Xscape and now reality star Tiny surgically changed her eye color. Now, we have further reason to furrow our eyebrows as a new eyeball-modification trend gains momentum.

Eyeball tattoos.

Yes, if your parents weren’t already warning you against adding the permanent ink to your skin they will now include a special segment about having the needle touch your eye.

The body art trend started with tattoo artist Luna Cobra who injected his corneas with colored dye in an attempt to mimic characters from the film Dune. Since boosting his look with the creepy, mythical eye look, the trend has gained popularity – boasting more than 16,000 likes on a Facebook page and nearly 1,200 posts on Instagram, according to Elite Daily.

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@graceneutral eye ball tattoo #respect #tattoos #art #eyeballtattoo #toughchick #dope #youreyesarecoolerthaneveryoneelses

Those willing to go under the needle can permanently alter their eyes by injecting the outermost layer, the conjunctiva, with any colored dye they desire. Unlike traditional tattoos, however, this procedure is not reversible with laser treatments and takes several treatments to achieve the desired color.

With anything that comes along with altering your body’s natural state, tattooing the eyes isn’t completely safe. Earlier this year Noisey reported that Jamaican artist Mace nearly blinded himself earlier this year after attempting to dye his eyes black.

According to Buzzfeed, Cobra says the modified eyes can bring a “realm of fantasy into real life.” If you’re about that life, eyeball tattooing can run up a bill of around $1,000 as reported by BME – honestly you shouldn’t sacrifice price with a procedure like this one.

Are you joining the tattooed eyeball wave or are you content with your natural color?

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