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The Belle Doctor: Turkey Day Looks For Day && Night

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner and it’s time to figure out what we’re going to eat, what we’re going to wear and most importantly, how snatched our faces need to be. Yes,yes,yes I can not wait for all the ham, mac ‘n’ cheese, turkey wings – but our selfie game needs to be just as on point as all this food.

Now, I understand that some people may have an early dinner. If you’re one of those people or simply prefer a more natural makeup look, this one is for you.

IMG_0932My lovely model is April. For this look we chose neutral/soft eyes and a nude lip. For her eyes, I used a soft gold/silvery pigment eyeshadows from MAC in shades Blonde Streak and Day Gleam. These can both be applied wet or dry for a more dramatic or simple look. I applied them dry, then added Saddle and Rule eyeshadows by MAC in her crease as a transitional color, and to also warm her eye up. I applied a pair of Ardell Lashes in #120 – which are one of my favorite lashes ever. They still provide a more natural look, but give off the look of fuller, longer lashes.

For her blush, I chose something with a little red in it to bring some warmth to her skin – Love Thing by MAC. Also, one of my faves for us brown sistas.

For the lips, I chose a very, very nude color. These eyes can handle a darker lip to transition into night time, but my model is simple and this is for a daytime dinner. I used NARS Supervixen, which is a really pretty mauve shimmery color.

IMG_9986For the evening look, I used a model I worked with in Miami during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim. Red does in fact, looks good on all skin tones. Yes, it’s hard finding the perfect red, but there is one out there for you. Also, red is the perfect shade for the holidays. First off, we must find the red that works for us. There are so many different shades of red, from a true red, to a red with a brown undertone, an orangey red, red with a little pink or purple undertone; so many options, so little time.

One of my favorite reds that works for mostly everyone with the proper lip liner is RUBY WOO by MAC. For my beautiful model, I used Mulberry from Vincent Longo. It’s a soft cranberry shade, and it’s so pretty on anyone. I lined it with Nightmoth liner from MAC, which is one of my favorite lip liners. It helps define, add definition and darken the lip color.

For her eyes, I did a smoky eye with black, brown and a nude shimmery shadows from a trio eyeshadow by Vincent Longo in the shade Timeless. I used all three colors on her lid, predominantly the black and brown to keep it smoky. Perfect look for the evening and even for someone more simple, because its not a harsh smoky eye. Paired perfectly with this lip for a flawless evening Thanksgiving look.

Hopefully these tips help, so your face is as flawless and scrumptious as all the food that will be enjoyed. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

**Stay beautiful dolls xoxo BEAUTY BOSS xoxo**

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